Magnetic Generator Plans

The first thing I will say is ‘get them while you can’! If you’ve read other parts of my blog then you’ll already know that they can be difficult to find with any website that sells them, sooner or later going off line. It just adds to the fun though in my opinion! (If you you don’t know what I’m talking about just have a look at this post and you’ll get a better understanding.

So You Want To Build a Magnetic Generator – Do You Have What it Takes?

Tesla's Original Magnetic Generator PlansMost folks who are interested in building their own generator are afraid they won’t have the skills required to actually get it done. This just isn’t the case.

Even though I have a background in electrical engineering I know that just about anyone who’s good with their hands can build one of these. My background just provided me with knowledge to fully understand the concept, but apart from that I gotta admit I’m lousy with my hands!

This is why it took me a couple of attempts to get it right. The first attempt was a failure but that didn’t bother me. Failing is something I’m not afraid of because as long as you learn something from it, each failure is a valuable lesson.

Plus, I was expecting my first attempt to fail which is why I used plywood to build most of it! You can read more about that here and also make sure you watch the video.

The bottom line is that just about anyone can build a magnetic generator. You just have to be patient and take it slowly. The chances are you won’t be producing any electricity within the first couple of days. Set yourself a week to get your prototype producing some power before you think about building a magnetic generator to power your whole home!

7 days should be more than enough if you’ve got some spare time. Once you buy the plans you download the instantly. The rest of day one you’ll be shopping for parts and magnets. All you need are standard magnets and like I said earlier, use plywood for the first build.

A few hours a day and you’ll soon have a crude little magnetic generator pumping out some power. Then you can start planning the real one! Of course if you’re good at following instructions and building stuff it will probably only take you a day or two to start seeing some results.

BlueprintsAt the time of writing this post you could still get the magnetic generator plans from the Tesla website but before you click the link and rush off to buy them you should read all the information I’ve provided here on my blog.

Everyone wants free electricity but it’s surprising how many of those people don’t actually finish building their generator.

Don’t let small obstacles put you off.

You’ll get it built in the end if you have the determination!