How to Build a Magnetic Generator

Once people have seen the magnetic generator that powers my home or the ones that I’ve built for my friends and family they always want to know how to build one. In fact ‘how to build a magnetic generator’ is the second most common question I get asked, right after ‘where can I buy one‘. Once I explain why there are no magnetic generators for sale they immediately want to know how to build one or how much I would charge for building one for them!

I’ve already had a few emails from folks asking if I would build them a generator for them and I’m sorry but the answer is no. I’m already spending enough time making them for my friends and family without building them for strangers as well. Another reason is because once you’ve built one, it’s not that much fun anymore!

Magnetic Generator PlansIf you want to know how to build a magnetic generator you’re gonna have to buy the plans. It’s as simple as that. If you’re not capable of building it yourself then you’ll have to get someone else to build it for you (not me!).

If you think about it you probably know someone who has some basic electronics knowledge or someone that would relish building a magnetic generator. Whether you build it yourself or you get someone else to build it, you’re still gonna need the plans.

If you’re not prepared to fork out the fifty or so bucks on the plans then you’re obviously not serious enough about building one.

Assuming you’ve got your plans, where do you get all the parts you need? Well, really you can get most of the parts in any good DIY store (depending on where you live). You can also find all the parts on the Internet if you so wish and have them delivered to your door. Basically, there’s no special parts, nothing out of the ordinary and no special magic items!

You should be able to get all the parts locally. Even the magnets are pretty standard and easy to find. If you can’t get them locally there are loads of places online that sell them really cheaply. I usually just get mine from eBay.

Altogether the parts for building a magnetic should cost you between  $100 – $150.

You don’t need any special tools just the typical tools you’d find in any kind of workshop.

The only ‘special’ things you need are the plans because there’s no way you can build a magnetic generator without the proper set of plans so don’t even try.

Like I said before, if you don’t want to spend $200 on all the parts and plans in order to get a life time supply of free electricity then you obviously have more money than sense!

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