How to Make Solar Panels?

Having your own homemade magnetic generator isn’t the only way to cut your electricity bill. Solar power is now common all over the world and there’s nothing secretive about it. This is mainly due to the fact that solar power can only be used during daylight hours so it doesn’t pose a massive threat to the big electricity companies. Having said that, solar panel technology has advanced quite a bit in recent years and is now much more efficient. The only downside is the huge cost of a typical solar installation.

Don’t worry though because there’s a way to build your own for under $100. Obviously that’s not the cost for a full blown installation, but once you see how easy it is you’ll soon realize that you can quickly add additional panels really easily.

So why do you need solar panels if you’ve got a magnetic generator?

Well, some people like to have them as backup while others aren’t comfortable relying totally on a magnetic generator for their power. For me personally, I like to produce as much electricity as possible so that I get a nice check back from my electricity company each month. Plus I have plenty of room for solar panels and it’s pretty darned sunny for most of the year where I live.

Typical Solar CellSo how easy and viable is it to make solar panels? Actually it’s very easy compared to building a magnetic electricity generator. You can easily find all the materials you need locally apart from the solar cells. You can buy the solar cells online really cheaply, usually for between $1 – $2. They are cheaper online and they get delivered to you within a day or two, by which time you will have got all the other materials needed.

Obviously you need to buy a comprehensive guide that shows you exactly how to build solar panels at home. I used the Earth4Energy plans as they came highly recommended. They are very detailed and easy to follow and include videos showing you exactly what to do and the most important thing, how to choose the right solar cells for your specific setup.

They also include plans to build a wind generator which is a real bonus. And yes, I have one of those too although it’s not particularly windy where I live, but hey, every little counts!

If you don’t have some spare room around your property I wouldn’t bother with the solar panels though unless you’re gonna put them up on your roof.


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