Magnetic Energy Generator – The Most Common Mistake

Magnetic Energy GeneratorWhen building their first generator most folks are in such a hurry to get it working that they make lots of mistakes during the building process. Despite the fact that the plans are very clear and easy to follow most people will make screw it up first time round.

This prevents a lot of folks from actually completing their build and also adds to the myth that these generators don’t work, which is a real shame.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that failing is part of the learning process. It’s almost impossible to succeed at something the first time without failing!

Even with all my experience in electrical engineering, I screwed up the build on my very first magnetic energy generator. This wasn’t a problem though because I was actually expecting things to go wrong! I treated the first build like an experiment and a learning process.

Because I knew that things would go right first time I also decided to use some cheap wood for my first build. Obviously it’s not possible to use wood for everything, but for a lot of it you can! This enabled me to tweak things until I got it right.

I found this video below where this guy uses this same technique as I did. Use cheap wood for the prototype! Even though it’s a roughly made model it is still producing electricity. I can guarantee that when he refines his device a bit so the distance between the magnets remains constant, he will double or perhaps even triple his power output with this sized magnetic energy generator.

It’s a great design but isn’t quite as efficient as Tesla’s design. Following the Tesla plans you’ll end up with something which is very similar and yet can produce more power than the one in this video.

The important thing to take from this video is to see how he’s used cheap wood for most of the design. This is the point I’m trying to make! Make a cheap wooden prototype and get it working before you build you final design.

Don’t Rush it!


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  1. Dear John,
    Thank you for your brief on magnetic generator. My problem is how to get the plans. My country Nigeria is not listed on Click Bank Order form. What can I do. Can I build up to 24KW or more from this plan.
    My Regards


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