Magnetic Generators For Sale?

After building a few different types of magnetic generators for friends and family over the last few years, I started getting phone calls from their friends asking if I had any magnetic generators for sale. I explained to them that I just built them as a hobby and that I don’t sell them. They then went on to ask where they could find magnetic generators for sale in their local area. I told them the truth.. There were no magnetic generators for sale to the public. The only way to have one was to build it.

Most times, a lengthy conversation would then take place as I explained to them the reasons. This is what I’m going to summarize below.

After working in the electrical industry for many years I’ve learned a lot of things. Things that most people outside the industry would never have knowledge of. Before going into that I just want to put things into perspective.

No matter what developed country you name, one of it’s biggest financial sectors will the generation of electrical power for both public and private use. This industry is worth billions.

Now when solar power started catching on things really started to hit the fan. I knew people high up in the industry that told me about all the meetings that were taking place about what could be done to stop solar power from catching on. As it turned out, solar power was never a real threat to the probability of the electric companies.

The power output of solar power was deemed to not be something to be concerned about. Coupled with the fact that many regions of the country weren’t very sunny and that solar power could only produce electricity through daylight hours eased concerns. Plus the fact that a typical solar installation was out of the price range of most families.

The magnetic generator was a whole different ball game though.

A device that would run 24 hours a day and produce enough electricity to power an average sized house..

Something that would retail for as little as $1000..

No. It was never gonna happen. I’m not gonna say any more than that it soon became clear there would NEVER be magnetic generators for sale anywhere. Of course back then, there was no Internet, no World Wide Web. This brought along a whole new problem.

Information was a lot easier to suppress back then. Now though it’s not quite as simple. That still hasn’t stopped most of the websites selling plans to build your own generator from being closed down. There’s still one website selling the original magnetic generator plans, but for how much longer I don’t know. When it does get closed I expect another one to pop up somewhere else until that is shut down.. And so on and so on.

You can’t really suppress information these days, but you can spread misinformation quite easily, especially if you have a big budget. Just imagine if you had a budget of a few million, how easy would it be to spread the word about how ‘magnetic generators don’t work’, ‘it’s a scam’ etc etc…

Anyway, the upshot is that you won’t be seeing magnetic generators for sale any time soon.

Nikola Tesla

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