Nikola Tesla – Free Energy For All!

Nikola TeslaWhen I was growing up Nikola Tesla was one of my idols! Back then though it was hard to find a lot of information about his work.

Much of it was shrouded in mystery and the sad thing is that even now more than 70 years after he passed away, much of his work remains unpublished for one reason or another.

Many people, including myself, feel that there were certain forces working against him.

It’s a well known fact that while Nikola Tesla was pushing back the boundaries of science, he was openly persecuted by the powerful energy power brokers of his day. In particular JP Morgan and Thomas Edison. When Tesla died on January 7th, 1943 something very strange happened. U.S. government officials went into his laboratory and confiscated every single piece of his scientific research. It sounds like something from the X Files but this really happened! What’s even more bizarre is that to this day, not one piece of his research that was confiscated has been made available to the general public.

This alone is enough to add a level of authenticity to some of Tesla’s theories that were heavily criticized at the time like the idea of a perpetual electricity generator or the magnetic generator as it’s more commonly known.

At the time of Tesla’s death he was flat broke. Money never really mattered to Tesla though as long as he could find his research. He is actually known to have tore up a lucrative contract the Westinghouse company so that they weren’t required fulfill their royalty payments to him. These payments alone would have been worth thousands and thousands of dollars to him (millions in todays money), however money wasn’t important to him. What Tesla really wanted was free energy for all. Something that was never going to happen and more than likely never will.

Nikola Tesla’s free energy generator plans were never released. When the government authorities went into his lab to confiscate all his research it was these plans they were most frightened of becoming available to the general public.

Although right now you can still find these plans online, any website selling them soon vanishes. After a while another one pops up until it draws too much attention and so it continues. In this day and age it’s becoming more difficult to censor information but it’s still happening! See this post for more on this.


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