Tesla Conspiracy Theories

Men in BlackIf you’ve read my post about why there are no magnetic generators for sale you’ll already have a good idea about the general theories behind the Nikola Telsa conspiracy theories.

Namely, how some of his inventions, in particular, the Tesla free energy generator was never going to see the light of day! After all his research was confiscated following his death, they still haven’t been released.

Well, if you like a good conspiracy theory then you’re gonna love the video below. I apologize if it’s been removed, I’ll try to put it back on when I can. If it’s still there watch it while you can!
While it’s not just about Tesla, there are many parallels that can be drawn.

It goes into detail about lots of cover ups including the water powered car. The inventor of which was recently killed in ‘an accident’.

It’s from a documentary that was released in 2007. It’s a really interesting to watch.


Do Not Fear Your Government



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  1. If the generator produces electricity for free, why don’t the power company’s build large ones to power the power grid?

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